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28 April 2011 @ 05:56 pm
I usually don't like to request for media but this time I need the latest SCREW TV SHOW (the one that was aired on 4/20) so that I can translate it. If anyone has recorded it or knows someone who did, please let me know. ;o;/
28 April 2011 @ 01:12 am

2011-04-27 15:42:29

The scenery I saw on 4/23 finally allowed me to realize a few things.

Those past 5 years have been pretty tough.

But during those same 5 years, I was also able to be my own self.

I won't look back anymore.


You're the perfect example of awkwardness, and you had it worst than anyone else during those 5 years.

And yet in front of everyone, you were the strong, reassuring presence that pulled SCREW together.

During a time when I was truly weak, you called me in the middle of the night and we went out for drinks, at a family restaurant of all places (laugh)

If you hadn't talked to me at that time, I think right now, I wouldn't be SCREW's Kazuki.

I'm truly grateful.


I've been seeing you as my #1 rival.

Cuz until you joined us, I was the only guitarist (laugh)

And I feel like you took something away from me (laugh)

But now I wouldn't play guitar if you weren't there.

SCREW without Manabu isn't SCREW.

I think you're the most hard-working one out of all of us.

After this too, please continue to be my best buddy.


You've always been helping me.

I love that you are such a truthful person.

Hey, I've got my ups and downs, and there are times when I even refuse to admit my own mistakes, right?

But at times like those, you calmly tell me that I'm wrong, you put my feet back on the ground, and that makes me feel at ease.

Some day, you know, I want to let everyone know about Jin-chan's true fun side (laugh)

What I told you in the train before the formation of SCREW, I swear on my hands and knees that I'll never ever forget it (laugh)


How long has it been already seen we've known each other?

My first impression of you was "He's got so many tattoos, he's probably scary..." (laugh)

But you're incredibly nice, and a rational person I can always count on for help in various tough situations.

In Niigata, I said things I didn't mean, but you just told me "Nevermind, it's alright". That saved me.

But you must have been pretty annoyed, right?

I thought my behavior was pretty lame and I should probably quit drinking.

Well, I only thought I should quit drinking (laugh)

I gave you the most trouble during the past year or so, right?

When SCREW's going through hard times, the one who acts like a guiding light to us is Rui.

After this too, keep on playing music and helping out SCREW.

Manager Gotoh-san:

Of course, I was considerate with you at the beginning.

But now... (laugh)

(Just kidding, I'm still considerate. (laugh))

I'll never ever forget what happened in Sendai, so please get ready for payback (laugh)

But I was so scared (laugh)

But I'll truly never forget "Good manners even between friends".

We probably take it for granted, but every day, you've been working hard for us, and if the staff wasn't there, we couldn't do anything by ourselves.

I'm truly grateful.

Once again, thank you very much.

And please keep me in your best regards from now on.

All our staff:

I'm truly, truly grateful.

There are many things we couldn't do by ourselves.

I think it's thanks to everyone's power if we've been able to stand on the center stage.

What I wrote here is a little embarrassing, but there are some even more, truly embarrassing things I want to say.

And to all our fans who've been following SCREW through thick and thin:

Truly, if all of you weren't there, I wouldn't be the way I am now, and SCREW wouldn't be what it is now.

I want to say the biggest "thank you" this simple blog will allow me to convey to you.

We've taken lots of detours and have given you worries, but once again, keep us in your care!

Should our next milestone be the 10th year anniversary?

We're always going to go full-throttle, so keep holding on to us tight so that you never lose grip!

We won't make you regret.

Let's always be together after this.

SCREW Kazuki

27 April 2011 @ 11:47 pm


I can’t put it in pretty words, but during those 5 years I felt as if my heart could break so many times.

If I was able to keep on going as usual,

it was undeniably thanks to all of you.

The other night was a truly special night like I had never experienced before.

The sight of you all acting wild and reckless, desperately trying to convey your feelings to me,

it was so beautiful…

I think I couldn’t possibly love it more than that.

I’m grateful to those who were at that place on that day, as well as all the people who have been supporting SCREW.

And I strongly feel in my heart that I want to make these people even more happy.

Thank you from the heart.

From now on, let’s keep walking together toward a new scenery.

I may be helpless and clumsy, but keep me in your best regards after this too.

16 April 2011 @ 01:53 pm
Source: ameblo.jp


【2011-04-16 00:45:18】

Today was the instore at Ongaku-Dokoro!

Thank you truly to everyone who came to see us! (´・∀・`)

Everyone’s smile made me feel better (´・∀・`)

Thank you for the letters and presents too.

Keep listening to DEEP SIX a lot and let’s get ready to have lots of fun during the live (´・∀・`) Okay?

Music is a wonderful thing! Music is a wonderful thing! I feel truly lucky to be able to work in the music scene.

I’m truly grateful to the staff who’s been helping us in more than one ways, to the music industry people, to the office’s staff, and more than anything else, to our fans who are always cheering for us.

Right now I’m writing this blog while our single “DEEP SIX” is playing in my earphones.

It makes me so excited (´・∀・`)

Tomorrow is the one-man at Sapporo COLONY! We’ll be waiting to see you there (´・∀・`)

Well, I’m burnt (´・∀・`)

See you ‘round.

T’is how I am.

16 April 2011 @ 01:52 pm
Source: ameblo.jp


Good morning, it’s our first day in Sapporo!

When I woke up, I was a bit surprised to see it feels like it’s going to rain outside.

The temperature seems to have gone down a bit, it’s even a little bit cold… but I guess for the local people it’s not really cold at all, right?

Today, I’ll be sure to dress up warmly before going out.

This morning I got a little bit of pasta and salad for breakfast at the convenience store and relaxed with a hot coffee in my hotel room.

Please give me your best regards again today!

16 April 2011 @ 01:51 pm

【2011-04-14 20:37:14】

It was so much fun!

For details, please check Shun-san’s blog (laugh)

↓Click here.

DuelJewel ShunさんのBlog

We talked about various things, it was a very fulfilling day.

Let’s both heat up the Great Northern Land!

Thank you very much!

I got my hair cut a little bit by the makeup lady.


NOTE: Shun’s blog basically says he talked to Rui and Kazuki on the ferry to Hokkaido. And Rui and Kazuki started coming to his room singing “Happy Birthday!” and giving him presents (that they won at the game center) even though Shun’s birthday is in February. And Shun also says that Kazuki is “way too good-looking”.

11 April 2011 @ 01:12 am



My eyes are burning from looking intensely at strings data.

After last month’s earthquake, I stuck an earthquake adhesive sheet under my iMac.

So it’s a bit raised.


NOTE: I'm sorry! I've been lazy about re-posting my translations here on livejournal. There's a couple of posts I didn't transfer here but they can all be viewed at http://surube.tumblr.com/

Please leave a lot of comments! It's encouraging and it just shows that I'm not doing this for nothing.

11 April 2011 @ 01:10 am

2011-04-10 18:20:14

Cherry blossoms in my neighborhood, taken yesterday around morning.

This is me being strange and stopping my bike to take that picture.

Many cherry blossoms bloom here each year.

I happened to pass by today as well, but the flowers had already started to scatter quite a bit. It was a bit sad.

But still, there were people having hanami parties, and there were drunk people too (laugh)

Drinking alcohol during the day… as expected on a Sunday.

Well, they probably have a reason for not doing a yozakura.

Anyway, this is a secret between us, but I wanted to mingle with them too.

11 April 2011 @ 01:09 am

2011-04-10 14:34:04

I’m a bit late but…

Our new single, DEEP SIX
was 23rd on the Oricon Chart, and 1st on the Indies Oricon Chart!!!!!!

Thank you truly!

We owe this to all the fans who are always supporting us.

Thank you truly to everyone who bought it!

And to those who haven’t bought it yet, by all means please do so and have a listen (´・∀・`)

I think a lot of people have seen it already, but our PV this time is really awesome!(´・∀・`)

The songs are great and SCREW-like!

There are still a few places we’ll be visiting for instore events, so please buy it and come to see us!

We’re doing a talk, handshake and autograph session.

Right now, we’re right in the middle of our oneman tour. Thanks to those who came to Nagoya, Fukuoka and Kanazawa!

SCREW is a band full of happiness that can only be experienced during a one-man show.

Please come and enjoy it with us (´・∀・`)Hah

Next is the instore at Niigata’s Risky Drug! I hope those who’re coming are looking forward!

See you ‘round.

T’is how I am.

I’ll give a PETA to those who register as a reader of Jin’s blog as a sign of my gratitude(´・∀・`)


Note: This is an old post by Rui and I don’t know if someone else already translated it or not, but I thought it was rather interesting and insightful so I wanted to share my translation with everyone.


This is something I wasn’t really planning to make public and I’ve been reluctant to talk about it too,

but to tell the truth, I have no siblings and only one parent.

This is relatively recent

but my mother passed away a few years ago.

In fanmails and letters, I’ve seen a lot of anger projected toward parents and read messages like “I hope they die”.

It made me really sad.

I’m sure everyone is thinking about various things.

The truth is that I also used to have such horrible thoughts in the past.


Right now I can’t even show my parents I’m a good son even if I want to.

That too is one of the realities I have to face in my life.

When I stood on stage, wanting them to see me and finally feel proud of me, my mom who had always been supporting me was no longer here.

My dad, my relatives and nephews have come to see me but…

Somewhere deep down in my heart, something’s missing.

It’s frustrating, but this is reality, too.

I think the person I was in my teenage years wouldn’t understand the way I feel right now.

Therefore, I’m not seeking for the agreement of those who sent me such messages.

But I simply think that family is something that can’t be replaced.

This is clear.

Therefore, I just wanted to make you think about it a little.

It’s the same for my real family, but the other members and the staff and the fans are also very important to me.

Every day, I strongly believe that it’s because those people exist that I’m here too.

Therefore, everyone is very important, and I think I want to be with them until death.

I want to make you think about cherishing those who can’t be replaced.

I’m sorry about this moralist blog.

But I hope I was able to convey my feelings to you even if only a little.